About me :)

Hello, my name is Nicholle. I am a devoted wife and mother to 3 wonderful kids.. Kayli 9, Jaecee 4, and Jasper 2. I am currently studying Psychology at Mendocino college. My goal here is to share my knowledge of children, psychology, animals, and anything else I find interesting. I love to read, write, and do crafts. I also have a habit of wanting to keep every animal I see resulting in the 5 dogs, 4 cats, 20+ chickens, 1 duck, a Chinese water dragon, a baby pink zefur tarantula, (my daughters idea) and lots of fish both in a tank and koi/goldfish pond. I am very busy as you can see but I love sharing things I’m interested in with others so this should be fun and interesting 🙂
Had to update.. Am now recently separated as my husband apparently wasn’t too clear on that “through better or worse” and “Till death do us part” part of our vows.. I still consider myself devoted so I’ll Leave that part for now.. Anyway, just another thing to blog about!!

My life has been interesting to say the least. Some days I wonder if the roller coaster will ever stop and others I never want it to. Im outgoing, outspoken, a lover and at times a fighter. I have many flaws but many qualities as well. I have experienced many things in my almost 30 years alive and my passions for raising my children as best i can, helping others, and becoming a better person myself drive me to learn all that I can! life is what we make it!!



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